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Assignors Page - E-mail George McClain - 2012


Highschool Varsity To: Atl Chapter NJFOA members

From: George McClain- Assignor

Welcome to the Assignor page,

We are working with the schools to obtain the schedules for 2012.

More to come in the coming months.

Any questions please let me know.

George McClain




Now for the 2012 High School Reg Season fees:

Vars Games: $79.00 each man

Jv's & Frosh: $54.00 each man

Vars Clock Operators: $50.00.


As per the contract with "League of Leagues" you need to contact the AD of your game site prior to your game.

* In Sub- Vars days ALWAYS call the AD's office prior to 2pm to let them know you are coming & give them a number to contact you if for some reason the game is changed or canceled.

Vars games should be dealt with via the Referee.

The Ref/Crew -Chief needs to contact his Crew 1st, to see all are ready to go & on game day or prior, contact the Ath Dir by letting them know the Crew is coming.

If an individual has an emergency on Vars game day, contact the AD & contact your Referee, then contact me &/or Joe Harrison & if needed contact our Sec John Rapp if we aren't available.

Joe Harrison & John Rapp as well as myself have access to check who is at what games in case we need to make a last minute change because of an emergency.

** If you GO to a Sub- Vars game & did not call the AD & its canceled & we couldn't get to you in time to stop you = NO PAY, because YOU didn't call the AD.

If an AD is not Avail, leave a mess'g to cover yourself.

If you show & for some reason = NO Game.

Example: Other team never showed, etc, etc, = You get 1/2 the game rate.

Be sure to sign a Voucher for $27.00 = 1/2 JV- Frosh Rate

I hope you all have a Great & Safe season & every game feels like the Super Bowl to you.

It certainly will feel like that for the Players & Coaching staffs, so please give each game the respect it deserves.

Also remember we provide a service & there is no better way to serve, as a civilian, than serving through involvement in "Youth Sports" for our Leaders of the Future.

Thanks for a solid preseason & Special Thanks to the guys that took off work or used some Vaca time to help us cover the many Scrim games that were held at weird times.

Assistant Assignor - E-mail Joe

Sub Varsity Assignments - See Joe .



Junior Football Assignments- Email George

JFL - Vars Certified Rate = $50 - 8 minute quarters, $65 10 minute quarters per man - per game,

JFL: - Cadet = $40 - 8 minute quarters, 55 - 10 minute quarters per man per game

JFL Clock= $35.00 per game

Junior Football League Assignments See George.