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How to become a Cadet.

Cadet program is generally a two year program that will teach you all you will need to know to become a Football Official.

No experience necessary since this is a comprehensive program that will involve Class room activity, on field instruction and study activity for the State Test.

They meet at the Mainland High School on Mondays from September into November.

E-mail the Secretary John Rapp or Cadet Supervisor Greg Fletcher for more information. Email links are on right side of this page.

Note from the Cadet Supervisor, Greg Fletcher:

Cadets,Let me be the first to say WELCOME! It is that time of year everyone is thinking football. Cadet classes will be starting up on Monday August 26, 2013 at Mainland Regional High School 7:00 PM. We will meet in the main parking lot at the school. Our first meeting will be registration/introduction. Attached you will find the 2013 cadet class schedule and cadet requirements. Please read both documents. If for any particular reason you cannot make it on the 26th then please attend the next scheduled date. We are looking forward to seeing you at class.

You may call me at any time after 5 PM at (609)780-2248

Greg Fletcher

Cadet Supervisor


Cadet Supervisors: Greg Fletcher - (609)780-2248
Buddy Oechslin - (609) 926-5496


August 26th Mon. Introduction/Registration

September 3rd Tues. Rule 1 / Fundamentals
9th Mon. Rule 3
16th Mon. Rule 10
23rd Mon. Rule 4&5
30th Mon. Rule 6

October 7th Mon. Rule 7
14th Mon. Spaghetti Dinner
21st Mon. Rule 8 / Use of Case Book
28th Mon. Rule 9

November 4th Mon. Rule 10 Review
12th Tues. Local Test Final
18th Mon. Local Test Review
25th Mon. No Meeting

December 2nd Mon. Study Session (TBA)
9th Mon. Study Session (TBA)
14th Sat. State Final
@ NJSIAA Building 10 AM

Class Format

Time Subject
7:00 Game Situations
7:15 Mechanics
7:30 Rules
9:00 Dismissal / Reading Assignments


1. Definitions
2. Enforcement of penalties
3. Testing (play situations), Application of the rules
4. Ask Questions!



" Cadets must be at least 18 years old. Physically fit (must submit a certificate from a licensed physician as proof), a resident of New Jersey and a good moral character.
" Cadets must submit a non-refundable fee of $120.00 for first year cadets, $140.00 for second year cadets and $160.00 for third year cadets and thereafter. (check or money order) payable to NJFOA Atlantic Chapter. This fee covers: Rule Book, Officials Manual, Insurance to, from and during games, State Exam Fee and Local Association Dues. The fee is payable within two (2) weeks of the start of class. A 50% deposit is required to obtain books.
" The Cadet program is a two year program. You must successfully complete both years in the local chapter to be eligible to take the State Exam. Only after passing the State Exam does a Cadet become a Registered Official, eligible to officiate Varsity contests.


" Minimum test and quiz average 75%
" Class attendance: two (2) missed = probation, three (3) missed = cut
" Game assignments: Minimum of six (6) JV and Freshman, two (2) chains at Varsity games as assigned plus pre-game, and as many county league games you desire.
" Cadets must show up for all games assigned. Varsity, chains, JV and Freshman games will be assigned to you. If an emergency prevents your attendance, call the assignor as early as possible. For all sub-varsity games, arrive at least ten minutes prior to start time. If assigned to a Varsity game, contact the game referee before the day of the game, confirm time and place of the game and make travel arrangements. You must arrive at the Varsity game site 1 ½ hours before game time, if you are the game timer. During all assignments you may be rated by registered officials.


" A Cadets appearance is of a particular concern to this association. When a Cadet work's a game, coaches and spectators who are not familiar with the Cadet training program will assume that the Cadet is a registered member of this association. Therefore, a Cadets appearance and attitude reflect directly on the members of this association. A Cadets appearance must be neat and well-groomed. Hair (head and facial) must be well trimmed.
" Suggested game attire is as follows: black cap (no insignia), white shirt, black pants and totally black football shoes. A Cadet may also wear the black and white striped shirt (no insignia) and black pants with white piping. Each Cadet must also carry two (2) gold colored flags, two (2) white bean bag markers, one (1) down indicator, and one (1) finger whistle. Attire such as cut-offs, jeans and sweat pants are NEVER tolerated. A Cadets attitude and conduct are as important as their appearance. Cadets who are argumentative, who cannot get along with fellow Cadets or Registered Officials, or who cannot handle fan or coach relationships will not pass the class and will not be recommended to take the State Exam.


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John Lacey - Chairman

John Rapp - Secretary

Greg Fletcher - Cadet Supervisor

Buddy Oechslin - Cadet Instructor

John Fersnler - Interpreter